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  • May 20, 2010

    Staff wowed by Ashley Latter

    Ashley Latter -what an experience!! We hope all who took advantage of the free 2 hour "taster" on Thursday night felt that Ashley gave a first night performance and moved everyone "out of their box".

    Ashley as some of you may know has been providing help for dentists for many years as an "ethical selling coach". His background is in sales and marketing and his previous experience includes being a senior training coach for Dale Carnegie prior to venturing into the dental market. His seven point plan enables an improved uptake of treatment plans for patients and is a win win situation for patient and dentist.

    His course held over two days for the team at Blackhills went through various scenarios and examples of how to approach patients to find out what they really wanted. He suggested solutions for difficult situations and we divided into groups for "role play" to help practice listening and questioning techniques.

    He was entertaining and informative and we look forward to welcoming him back in May 2011 for updates and more advanced training.

    Look out for details of this course being advertised early in February.

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