Meet Our Staff

  • Clinic Manager

    Trudie Imrie

    Trudie has been our Clinic Manageress since we first opened for business in January 2007. She has been co-ordinating dental implant treatment for over fifteen years and is always happy to deal with any queries arisi

  • Front Of House Staff

    Caroline, Wendy and Aileen

    Our Front of House staff comprises of Caroline, Wendy and Aileen. They provide a reception and secretarial service for the clinic, and are alway happy to assist with any queries regarding appointments or documentati

  • Dental Nurses

    Carol, Stacy, Gemma, Lynn and Roxanne

    Our dental nurse team consists of Carol, Stacy, Gemma, Lynn and Roxanne. Carol is our Senior Dental Nurse and is responsible for the training and development of our nursing team, and she has over 35 years experience

  • Senior Dental Hygienist

    Carol Clark

    Carol is perhaps one of the most experienced hygienists in Tayside and provides an outstanding service to our patients, working with all of the Blackhills Specialists. Her role is to support and advise patients with the hygiene techniques neces

What Our Patients Say

  • I was referred to Blackhills, where from the initial consultation I felt I was in good hands, the ambience pleasant, calming and welcoming, the staff unfailingly helpful.

    The procedure was explained fully, and my doubts dispelled.  Of the extraction of the offending tooth and all stages of the implant, I can say in truth that I experienced no pain, in fact in my case I can scarcely even claim discomfort, and every aspect of patient care was exemplary.  The implant has given no problems in the weeks since it was installed, and apart from requiring a little extra care in cleaning, is just another tooth.

    Of course my new tooth has been expensive, but I am so grateful that I had the treatment done, and done at Blackhills.  My grateful thanks to all involved.


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