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  • August 02, 2017

    Supporting Children with Cancer

    Supporting Children with Cancer

    Many of you will already be aware that one of our wonderful nurses has recently needed the support of the UK’s leading cancer charity for children and their families, “CLIC Sargent”.  Roxanne’s daughter, Leva was only 2 years old when the diagnosis of cancer was made and over the last few months she has undergone weeks of chemotherapy followed by a major operation to remove most of the tumour.  She still has months of further treatment ahead of her which has a massive impact on Roxanne and Adam who need to be with her.  CLIC Sargent has given outstanding support by providing accommodation for Mum and Dad across the road from Edinburgh’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children as well as much needed information and help to help get them through the tough times.

    Everyone at Blackhills Clinic hugely misses the bubbly Roxanne and we are all supporting CLIC Sargent in their essential charitable work.  If anyone would like to donate to them, go to their website ( or donate directly to little Leva through

    The best news is that following her recent surgery, the team looking after Leva are very hopeful that her last chemotherapy session should be over by February 2018 and then, all being well she can finally be discharged.

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