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Our Dental Treatments | Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Cosmetic dental treatment involves any changes to the teeth to improve the appearance and smile. 

  • Internal Whitening Procedure

    Some whitening agents can be placed within a discoloured tooth for a few weeks which can result in a better colour match with the natural teeth. MORE INFO
  • Cosmetic Contouring

    These are small adjustments to the teeth to even up the bite. Sometimes small additions to the biting edge of the teeth with tooth coloured filling material can also help the smile look more even. MORE INFO
  • Tooth Whitening

    Everyday life takes its toll on our teeth. Drinking too much tea or coffee, smoking or even eating highly coloured foods can stain and discolour them. There are toothpastes available which will help remove these stains, but they can't change the actual colour of the tooth underneath. Dentists can change this by applying a whitening agent to the MORE INFO
  • Crown Margin Repair

    A dark margin is sometimes seen above a crowned tooth and can often be due to the gum shrinking back a little. If this appearance is troublesome, the crown can be replaced and the margin repositioned below the gum. Crowns made entirely of high strength porcelain give the best results. MORE INFO
  • Veneer Fitting Scotland

    Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain which are bonded onto the front surface of the teeth teeth to alter the shape and shade to match better with the adjacent teeth. A small amount of tooth preparation (drilling) is needed prior to give something for the veneer to fit to. MORE INFO
  • Diastemas Treatment

    Diastema is the term given to the gap between two adjacent teeth. Where this appearance is not wanted, the diastema can be closed using tooth coloured materials. Read more about this in the patient information leaflet. DIASTEMA - PATIENT INFORMATION LEAFLET MORE INFO
  • Veneers for Diastemas

    Porcelain pieces may be bonded onto teeth to close spaces and improve the appearance. MORE INFO