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Our Dental Treatments | Dental Disorders

Many different disorders can affect the mouth; sometimes following dental treatment. 

  • Acid Wear Treatment

    When we eat food, especially sugary types, the bacteria on our teeth digest the sugars and form acid as a by-product. This can begin to dissolve the tooth surface (enamel) causing cavities into the softer inner layer of the tooth (dentine). This is why it is so important to avoid eating sugary snacks in between meals; to allow the teeth time to res MORE INFO
  • Bad Breath Treatment

    We all know how unpleasant bad breath can be and quite often there is a dental cause.  Read more in the information leaflet below about what causes bad breath and how to prevent it. BAD BREATH PATIENT INFORMATION LEAFLET MORE INFO
  • Dry Mouth Treatment

    Some people suffer from severe dryness of the mouth. This can cause significant problems, but can often be improved with appropriate dental advice and support. MORE INFO
  • Bruxism Treatments

    When tooth clenching occurs at night it is called Bruxism and can cause a lot of tooth wear and damage. It is quite straightforward to provide a device (occlusal splint) that is worn over the teeth at night to help prevent this. MORE INFO
  • Jaw Clenching Treatments

    Tooth clenching can occur for a number of reasons; stress, habit, recent dental treatment or unknown causes. It can result in wear to the teeth, muscle spasm and wear to the bone joint that forms the jaw hinge. MORE INFO
  • Occlusal Splint

    The name of the device worn over the teeth (mostly at night) and made from either a soft material (like a gum shield) or a harder plastic material. MORE INFO
  • Split Tooth Repair

    Sometimes excessive clenching and tooth wear or a blow to the face can result in a tooth splitting which can be very painful and often require emergency dental treatment. MORE INFO
  • Smoking Damage Repair

    As we all know, smoking can cause numerous serious medical complications, but what many people are not aware of is that it also has a significant adverse effect on the development of mouth cancer, gum disease and bad breath. MORE INFO
  • Anti-Snoring Device

    One of the main causes of snoring is the position of the lower jaw in relation to the upper jaw. This can partially block the top of the windpipe resulting in the anti-social problem of snoring. It is possible to construct a device that is worn over the teeth at night and moves the lower jaw just a few millimetres forward, opening up the partial bl MORE INFO