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Our Dental Treatments | Endodontic Procedures

When a tooth becomes infected, the nerve inside can die and this is often accompanied by severe pain and the formation of an abscess.  Endodontics is the dental specialty involved with managing this problem and saving the tooth. 

  • Root Treatment

    Root treatment involves cleaning out the infection and filling the root to seal it. MORE INFO
  • Multi Root Treatment

    All molar teeth and some premolars have more than one root. This means that on many occasion a tooth will have two or three roots to fill MORE INFO
  • Root Structure

    The inside of each root contains the nerve and blood vessels lying in the root canal. Each canal can have quite an irregular shape and pattern making any root treatment a complex procedure. MORE INFO
  • Periapical Abscess

    As the infection progresses within the root canal it can affect the bone at the tip of the root, forming a collection of infection called a periapical abscess. This can be very painful and might need emergency treatment. MORE INFO
  • Apicectomy Treatment

    If an infected root or periapical abscess fails to respond to root treatment, a small operation can remove the infection and seal up the root canal from the root tip. MORE INFO