Gum Health Day 2020

Gum Health Day 2020
Blackhills Clinic
Date Published:12/05/2020
Gum Health Day 2020

The European Federation of Periodontology had scheduled 12th May 2020 to be Gum Health Day. This year’s slogan is: Say NO to bleeding gums.

Unfortunately, due to the current coronavirus pandemic, these activities have been postponed to a later date, however the importance of this message can, and should, still be highlighted.

The aim of having a gum health day is to raise public awareness of identifying bleeding gums as a sign of gum disease. Gum disease is a chronic inflammation of the gum margin initiated by bacteria at the tooth-gum or implant-gum junction. This superficial inflammation is known as gingivitis (around teeth) or peri-implant mucositis (around implants) which if not resolved, can progress to more advanced gum disease around teeth (periodontitis) or implants (peri-implantitis). Loss of teeth could undermine speaking, chewing function and appearance. Furthermore, inflammation from the gums can spread and affect general health.

The message Say NO to bleeding gums aims to increase public awareness that bleeding gums are not normal and that this indicates the presence of gum disease. Most people tend to brush their teeth and miss out on cleaning the tooth/gum margin i.e. the site whether gum inflammation starts and from where it can progress.

Important points: Say NO to bleeding gums.

1. Make sure that in addition to brushing your teeth, you also brush the tooth-gum / implant-gum margin junction. This message is even more important now that dental treatment is currently suspended.

2. Healthy gums do not bleed.

3. Get your gums routinely checked by your dentist /hygienist

4. Do not scrub the outer aspect of the gums – this will lead to sore gums and will not resolve the gum inflammation at the gum margin

If you have any concerns about your gum health, your dentist / hygienist should be your first port of call, but should you need to seek advice for gum disease at Blackhills clinic, you can either see Mrs Carol Clark (Senior Dental Hygienist) or Dr Marilou Ciantar (Specialist Periodontist and Oral Surgeon). Marilou can also give advice / treat advanced gum disease, address cosmetic concerns due to gum recession and / or drifted teeth, or possibly replace teeth if these are lost.