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Our Dental Treatments | Oral Surgery Procedures

Oral surgery is the dental specialty related to the surgical treatment of the teeth, mouth and jaws. 

  • Wisdom Tooth Removal

    Wisdom teeth are the very back molars and the last to erupt into the mouth. They can sometimes end up in the wrong position (impacted) and where this causes symptoms (pain and swelling), a small operation can be required to remove them. MORE INFO
  • Apicectomy Treatment

    When a tooth root is infected and requires a root filling this usually sorts the problem out, but where this is not the case a minor operation will clean out the area and allow the placement of a small filling in the tip of the root. Read more about an apicectomy in the patient information leaflet below. APICECTOMY PATIENT INFORMATION LEAFLET MORE INFO
  • Bone changes post Tooth Extraction

    Teeth are supported by jaw bone that is specially designed for the purpose. This means that when a tooth is lost, the bone is no longer required and shrinks away (resorption) often leaving a dished-in defect area. MORE INFO
  • Crown Lengthening Treatment

    Teeth that appear short and square can have a small surgical procedure carried out to trim back a little of the gum and bone to greatly improve the appearance MORE INFO
  • Dry Socket Treatment

    After a tooth extraction, if the blood clot in the socket fails to form properly or is displaced, the area can become sore and will then require further treatment to place a medication into the site which usually quickly improves things. MORE INFO
  • Pericoronitis Treatment

    An impacted wisdom tooth can easily become inflamed and infected as a result of food debris becoming lodged under the gum. This leads to discomfort and swelling and will usually require treatment from the dentist. MORE INFO