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Our Dental Treatments | Preventive Dentistry Treatments

Increasing emphasis is now placed on preventing dental disease from occurring.  A number of different approaches, techniques and dental personnel are involved with this. 

Tooth brushing is an essential way of controlling the two main aspects of dental disease; gum disease and tooth decay.  As well as the additional brushing techniques listed below, patients have the choice of manual or electric tooth brushing. A number of studies have confirmed that the use of an electric toothbrush usually results in better cleaning.  Not all electric toothbrushes are the same and it is a good idea to discuss the various options with your dentist or hygienist. 

  • Electric Tooth Brushing

    Electric tooth brushing. MORE INFO
  • Interdental Cleaning

    Brushing - Interdental Brushing MORE INFO
  • Compact Tuft Brushing

    A small single tufted brush for cleaning in difficult areas around the gum margin of your teeth.  Read more about this brush and how to use it. COMPACT BRUSH PATIENT INFORMATION LEAFLET MORE INFO
  • Interspace Brushing

    Cleaning larger spaces of your mouth with specially shaped brushes. MORE INFO
  • Dental Flossing

    Daily use of dental floss or ‘superfloss’ to remove plaque and debris from around teeth is recommended. MORE INFO
  • Mini Flosser

    Interdental cleaning aid. MORE INFO
  • Super Flossing

    Interdental cleaning aid. MORE INFO
  • Maintenance of Dental implants - a patient's experience

    In early autumn 2014, I self-referred to Blackhills Dental Clinic having heard excellent reports on the work of the surgeons. Having lost several teeth over the years, due to periodontal disease, more problems were emerging.  A very detailed examination was carried out by Dr Marilou Ciantar who was very frank about the poor state of my dental MORE INFO
  • Implant Maintenance

    Daily use of dental floss or ‘superfloss’ to remove plaque and debris from around the crown or bridge restoration is essential as well as regular check-ups with a dentist to monitor the gum condition. MORE INFO
  • Implant Bridge Cleaning

    With an implant-retained bridge it is particularly important to clean under the restoration as well as around the implants supporting it. This will help to prevent gum disease which can eventually lead to implant failure. MORE INFO
  • Cleaning Studs and Bars

    Tufted brushes, spiral brushes, ‘superfloss’ , and floss are all useful when cleaning in and around studs and bars. MORE INFO