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Please Find Below A List Of Leaflets For More Information.

Patient Resources

Title Description Download

Tooth Whitening

Patient Information On Tooth Whitening

Overdenture - Patient Advice

Patient Information For Overdenture

New Implant Crown Or Bridge Advice Sheet

Information On New Implant Crown Or Bridge

Implant Retained Crowns

Patient Information For Implant Retained Crowns

Implant Surgery

Information For Patients Following Implant Surgery

Immediate Replacement Denture - Information Sheet

Further Information For Patients Provided With An Immediate Replacement Denture

Denture Stomatitis Patient Advice Sheet

Information For Denture Stomatitis

Conventional Denture Patient Advice Sheet

Further Information On New Conventional Dentures

Conventional Crown And/or Bridges Information Sheet

Further Information On Conventional Crown And/or Bridges

Blackhills Extraction

More Information Following Extraction

Bite Raising Appliance

More Information On Bite Raising Appliance

Back Tooth Crown Information Leaflet

Read More About Back Teeth Crowns.

Diastema Patient Information Leaflet

Read More About Diastemas.

Compact Tuft Information Leaflet

Read More About What A Compact Tuft Brush Is And How To Make The Best Use Of This Special Brush.

Bridges Patient Information Leaflet

For More Details Read The Patient Information Leaflet Below About Bridges.

Bad Breath Patient Information Leaflet

Read More About Bad Breath What Causes Bad Breath And How To Prevent It.

Apicectomy Patient Information Leaflet

Read More About An Apicectomy And What This Type Of Treatment Involves.

Amalgam To Composite Patient Information Leaflet

Read More About Changing Amalgam Filling To Composite (white)fillings.

Acid Attack Patient Leaflet

Read More Information On Acid Attack.

Dentist Resources

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Implant Maintenance Form

Use This Implant Maintenance Form To At Your Patients' Review Appointments.