Refer Your Patient

At Blackhills Clinic we take referrals for all aspects of adult dentistry (except Orthodontics).  We try to contact your patient within 24 hours of receipt of your referral.  If this is not addressed to a specific clinician, we will decide which of our clinicans or combination of clinicans would be best suited for your patient.  A combination of clinicians help to ensure a truly integrated treatment plan and avoids unnecessary additional appointments.

Dentists can now register to use the online referral system.  This facilitates quicker data entry and saves time.  REGISTER NOW.

Please note – if you are referring a patient for just a “treatment plan” or “comment”, we have to be aware of the medico-legal implications of not having detailed knowledge of the competence and skills of each individual referrer.  Therefore, it will not be possible to provide a prescriptive treatment plan and the onus of responsibility for carrying out any advised treatment falls to the referrer.

Refer Your Patient

  • When to refer

    We would recommend that you refer your patient to us as soon as you feel it might be appropriate. Where possible, we would like to see the patient before any teeth are removed.

  • How to refer

    Blackhills Clinic accepts referrals in different formats, but the easiest would be to simply complete the online referral form below, attaching any relevant radiographs, images or charts.

Dentist Details

(non mandatory) Complete to receive confirmation of referral

Patient Details

Treatment Required (please tick box and note tooth)

Dental implant placement only
Minor Oral Surgery
Dental implant(s) with restoration
Prescribed Treatment Only
All necessary treatment

Relevant Dental History

Radiographs (maximum 5 image files can be uploaded)

Relevant Medical History

Upload Files (letters, charts, photographs) (maximum 5 files can be uploaded)

To comply with GDPR from 2018, we’re unable to store and use your information unless you agree to give us permission. View our Privacy and Data Policy for full details.