On a daily basis we have patients expressing how happy they are to have choosen certain treatment types.  When a patient does this we ask them to write a Testimonial Letter, these can often help other patients who are still slightly unsure and need a little more reassurance.  We keep our Testimonials in the waiting area in folders for everyone to have a read of.  Please feel free to read these the next time you visit us.

We would like to thank once again our lovely patients who have provided us with letters over the years.





After a fall at the beginning of the year which caused a crowned tooth’s root to fracture and the tooth aside it discoloured from previous root canal treatment it wasn’t easy coming to terms that I’d be losing two front teeth, especially when you’re a big smiler in you mid-40s!  

The option of a bridge wasn’t presenting a great picture for me so my own Dental Practice referred me to Paul Stone & the Blackhills Team.  They were exceptional throughout and I would have no hesitation in recommending Blackhills to anyone (even if it was a 3 hour round trip during a pandemic).  From the initial consultation with Paul I was put at ease with an empathetic approach.  Every step of the treatment plan was explained by him and then sent out to read through.  Paul extracted my two teeth, then a further appointment six weeks later for the bone graft and my implant placed (accompanied with some 80s Rock) – yes the anaesthetic is a bit nippy (to be expected) but that aside there was no bleeding, pain or discomfort and no need for pain relief at all.  My own dentist has now fitted my superstructure to the implant and I have my Hollywood Smile for Summer!

Yes it was a big investment but worth every penny to get my smile back!! Thank you Paul + the Blackhills Team <3

Inverness, Jun 2021


I am finally writing to thank you for your care and attention and to say how very satisfied I am with my new smile.  It has made a big difference to my confidence and physical comfort.  If you may recall, I absolutely hated having to wear a partial denture and even after a few years I was no more used to it then than I was at the beginning.  My mouth was always dry and uncomfortable.

The decision to spend what was for me a considerable amount of money was not an easy one but once made, I couldn't wait to start the process.  Because of your good reputation, I had absolute trust and confidence in you.  The implant surgery was completely painless, no bleeding or pain afterwards, no need for medication.

The next part after healing with my own excellent dentist went smoothly and effeciently and a great result.

I would definitely recommend to my friends that they follow my lead.  They would not regret it.  It is all about choosing the right people.  I have had the most positive experience and could not be happier. 

Thank you Paul for your care and to the team who are always helpful, friendly and ready to put patients at the ease. 

Perth, Dec 2020


As a relatively anxious patient, I found both phases were always carried out with extreme care and notice was always taken of any level of concern I was showing.  I always felt I was receiving treatment of the highest order.

It was extremely helpful to have written explanation of every stage in the implant treatment as although everything was carefully explained during appointments, it was reassuring to be able to go over details at home.

I must also compliment the general care provided by the staff who attended Dr Stone and Dr Laverick and to the staff in reception, particularly as they had to contend with the previously unknown circumstances surrounding the Covid pandemic.

Perth, Apr 2021


If you ask most people what they are afraid of, many of them will say “going to the dentist”.

Being treated in such a case, means that in order to feel relaxed, you must feel you are in expert hands and know that the person involved in your care is an expert in their field and will therefore take excellent care of you and involve you in the process by explaining the whole procedure to you.  The person treating you must be empathetic and alert to your concerns.  At all stages of my treatment, I was fully informed and felt part of the process.

The more you know and understand the procedure and why it is appropriate for you and the more expert the dental treatment, the less you have to trust.  You just know you are in good hands because the person treating you is knowledgeable not only from their training but through their up to date awareness of current advances in their field.

I was treated by Paul Stone and Adela Laverick for a dental implant and a screw retained bridge.  I also had a tooth removed by Paul Stone.  He removed the tooth root by root, separating each root section and the removal left no gum swelling and no pain at all after anaesthetic wore off.  I have never experienced with any other extractions performed in the past elsewhere.  The implant and the bridge have been very successful and I am very happy with the way it looks and fits in with my other teeth.

I was given detailed aftercare advice and Paul and Adela also laughed at my jokes which helped to relieve any anxiety I might still have had.  I am happy to recommend this practice to everyone and it was a real pleasure to be looked after by them.

Dundee, Jul 2020


This short letter is by way of a testimonial of the treatment I received from Blackhills Clinic for implant surgery.

My surgeon was Paul Stone.

I cannot speak highly enough of the care, both clinical and customer, that I received from Paul and his team.  From the introduction to the final check up, even through the Covid 19 pandemic, the treatment could not have been better, nor more professional.

What impressed me the most was the communication, from the outset I was advised what was going to happen, the various stages that would occur and the associated costs.  This was both verbal and written.

As the treatment progressed, at each stage I was again advised what would happen, given a chance to ask questions, advised how the procedures went ans what to do next.  Following key stages I was provided with a care package, i.e. associated drugs, a guidance pack and helpline number if necessary.

Following the last stage I was sent a letter advising what had happened and what future care I should takre regards brushing and flossing my teeth to maximise the life of the implant.

If you are considering having treatment my advice would be to meet Paul and his team and see the facilites.  You won't regret it.

Definitely a good investment of my time and money.

Perthshire, Oct 2020


Just a note to say thank you for your care and expertise during my recent dental implant surgery.

From the friendly professional greetings at the reception to the actual implant surgery including pre and post operative care.  I was reasured and kept fully informed during my treatment also given all options under no pressure.  As an added bonus I could choose my own music to relax me during surgery.

All procedures during (after anesthetised) and after were painless.

Stirling, Mar 2020


Blackhills Clinic has been recommended to me by my own dentist to carry out specific, highly developed dental procedures.

I have found Blackhills Clinic to be exceptional in the following ways:

Firstly, their overall clinical and customer care is first-class - they are in constant contact in a very friendly way and are immensely talented.

Secondly, the work that I had done was extremely challenging and, in the end, has made a real difference to my well-being and general contentment.

Thirdly, these are expensive procedures but in light of the benefits over a long period of time it is money well spent.

Overall, I would thoroughly recommend individuals to embrace the services of Blackhills Clinic, Specialist Dental Clinic and enjoy the immense benefits, whenever the opportunity arises.

Dundee, Mar 2020


I am pleased to recommend Dr Laverick, Dr Stone and all other staff at Blackhills it was very professional with a friendly and caring approach.

Every element of the treatment was carefully explained and carried out with no pain and only minimal discomfort whilst extracting the root which could not properly support a crown.

Some time ago I had my first implant by another dental practice, an experience which was less than satisfactory and made me delay longer than I should have to have the second implant.  Fortunately, on this occasion I took the time to get the right advise.

Again, thanks for the excellent care and attention throughout my treatment and aftercare.

Stirling, Jul 2019


Dear Mrs Laverick,

I apologise for not writing before now to express my thanks for the implant treatment I received in 2018.  The clinical and customer care I received from you, Dr Stone and all the other staff I came in contact with was very professional.

I must admit before having the treatment I was very apprehensive, however I am now so glad I went ahead.  I no longer have teeth failing or a partial denture sometimes coming out when I eat.  Since having my upper teeth removed and the implants and fixed bridge fitted, I can now eat anything.  My mouth is healthy and I can smile confidently.  I would advise anyone considering implants to go ahead.  It is the next best thing to having your own teeth.

Once again, many thanks for the excellent care and attention I received from the beginning of my treatment right through to the aftercare.

Fife, May 2019


Thank you so much - my smile looks so much better and I feel so much better smiling!

I want to thank especially Dr Paul Stone for his professional yet understanding and kind manner - as I was very scared but I can say that it was made easier by Dr Stone explaining everything in a way I could understand and also the fact that I didn't feel a thing!  The instructions for the after treatment were excellent too so I knew exactly what to do plus I knew I could phone them anytime to ask something.

I can thoroughly recommend Blackhills and would say to anyone who is thinking of treatment to definitely go ahead.

Perth, Apr 2019


This has been my second time at Blackhills and the level of care provided continues to be of an exceptionally high standard.  I could not make any adverse comments during the whole process.  The Clinic feels to have a family approach to its business with all staff very friendly and courteous.  I would be more than happy to recommend others including friends and family who may require your services.

The difference the treatment has made is immeasurable both in my appearance, self confidence and eating ability.  I look forward to eating meals once more without the need for a denture.

Cowdenbeath, Jul 2019

Anne - Aug 19

Thank you very much for the care and attention I received recently from Paul. I had 3 implants following 4 extractions. I originally went for my consultation a year ago but I kept putting it off. Despite working in a dental practice I am not the best patient. I had no need to worry though, I felt no pain and despite the difficulty of the implant procedure I had no pain afterwards which was amazing.I am now looking forward to getting my bridge in a few months, having a new smile and being denture free. I would highly recommend Paul at Blackhills.

Perth, Aug 2019


Just a short note to say thanks, I had my new tooth installed today!

I was impressed by the care and professionalism of care given, on every visit.

On the first visit, the cost and treatment plan was explained.  At every stage of the treatment, you took the time to ensure I understood what you were doing, why, possible challenges and the likely outcome.

The treatment was delivered on time, on budget and no surprises.

I am now the proud owner of an implant and new tooth.  My only regret was not doing this years before.

Perth, Apr 2019