Testimonials From Our Customers

After we have provided treatment for our patients, we ask if they would be happy to send us a testimonial letter telling about their experience of having treatment at Blackhills Clinic.  We have found that many patients like to read these letters which we keep in a Testimonial folders in the waiting room.  We are delighted to have received so many positive and enthusiatic replies.  Please feel free to read some of them when you next visit us.

Below is some comments taken from the numerous testimonials we have received over the past years.

We would like to thank all our customers who have contributed to the 'folders' in our waiting room.

  • I was referred to Blackhills, where from the initial consultation I felt I was in good hands, the ambience pleasant, calming and welcoming, the staff unfailingly helpful.

    The procedure was explained fully, and my doubts dispelled.  Of the extraction of the offending tooth and all stages of the implant, I can say in truth that I experienced no pain, in fact in my case I can scarcely even claim discomfort, and every aspect of patient care was exemplary.  The implant has given no problems in the weeks since it was installed, and apart from requiring a little extra care in cleaning, is just another tooth.

    Of course my new tooth has been expensive, but I am so grateful that I had the treatment done, and done at Blackhills.  My grateful thanks to all involved.

    IB,Penicuik, Midlothian May2017

  • Having recently been discharged from Blackhills Clinic, I write to complement the Clinic, and in particular Dr Marilou Ciantar for making a somewhat daunting challenge into a most professional and warmly personal experience.  After careful investigation, I had 2 implants, suffered little and drove myself safely home.  I had a large gap in my mouth and having the horror of false teeth, find my 2 implants look entirely normal and 'belonging'.  I do not regret a penny spent on this treatment and if necessary, would repeat it.  I thank Marilou and wish her and the other staff well.

    EM, Dundee September 2017

  • I feel lucky that through my dentist in Stirling I was put in contact with Blackhills Clinic for a dental implant.

    Although the treatment sounds expensive, the benefits are priceless.  We all know how important it is to have a healthy mouth, which relates to other organs and to be able to eat properly.

    I would like to thank all the staff in the clinic, particularly Paul Stone, for their professionalism and high standard of treatment.

    JR, Stirling Aug2017

  • My implants are now complete and the smile tells it all!

    Thank you for the wonderful care I have received from all the staff, but a special thank you must go to Marilou Ciantar and Adela Laverick for their excellent work.  Their patience and precision was amazing to get the outcome I have got.  I would recommend Blackhills to anyone who wants to go down the route of implants.  This was a long process but I am delighted with the end result and as far as I am concerned a good investment.

    EW, Forfar Aug2017

  • " 'Yes it was expensive, but you get what you pay for - expert and extensive treatment backed up clear and concise advice as to what you can do to supplement the treatment. I would have no hesitation in recommending Blackhills to anyone in the same position, as I have no doubt they saved my teeth.' "

    LF, Errol

  • "From the moment I stepped into reception, I found the customer care to be exceptional - professional, friendly, reassuring and sympathetic for someone like me who was initially very nervous."

    AO, Kircaldy

  • "Thank you for your excellent, accessible assessment and advice. It was great to have your support and expert advice so freely given."

    Dentist, Dunfermline

  • "It is with pleasure and delight that I recommend you to prospective clients. I have had some form of denture for forty years and hardly dared believe you could help me. From initial, positive screening with Paul, though surgery to prosthetics, my care has been of the highest quality; feeling supported and safe throughout at every stage. All staff, at every point of contact have been welcoming, friendly and efficient. Yes, the initial costs are high, but the standard of care is exemplary. There has been no feared hidden 'add on' expenses, and time has never been costed; otherwise I would have been bankrupt! Adela has lavished her time and skill, with great patience and artistic brilliance! I cannot praise her enough and for me the outcome is simply a miracle! To have a set of teeth, intact, looking and feeling as if they belong, is beyond words and restores my hitherto frayed and fragile dignity. In retrospect, to be 'denture free' no longer feels like luxury, it comes highest on the list of priorities and well worth any sacrifice. Trusting you was the best decision ever."

    JM, Dundee

  • "You are complimented for your honest and forthrightness of approach which I found very reassuring."

    NGC Dundee

  • "I would not hesitate in recommending Blackhills Clinic to anyone. Since I had my implants inserted by Paul, my quality of life has been transformed. I recently had more prosthodontic work done by Adela. Her patience, attention to detail, and skill are exemplary and I cannot praise her work highly enough."

    RM Edinburgh

  • "My biggest thank you goes to Adela for working with me to create my bridgework. She is wonderfully patient, her attention to detail is second to none and she always has a big smile. Adela made every single appointment pleasurable and I too now have a big smile!!"

    GG, Perth

  • "Throughout my course of treatment beginning in January this year, I have been admiring of the way Blackhills Clinic conducts its business. The standard of professionalism, not only the clinical side, but administration, hygiene and staff have been of the highest order - impressive and confidence building."

    RP, Blairgowrie

  • "Walking into Blackhills Clinic feels like a different level of dental practice; professional, customer focused and, thankfully, based in central Scotland."

    SR, Dunfermline

  • "Dolly Parton was asked in a television interview "is that your own hair Dolly?" quick as a flash she replied "sure is, ah bought and paid for it mah-self!" The same sentiment could as easily be applied to my teeth... or rather dental implants!! I must apologise as I should have written this testimony months ago, but quite frankly I kept putting it off as the teeth I have now simply feel and look so completely normal."

    CH, Perth

  • "It is a measure of excellence of the implants that, from the moment I walked out of the surgery, I never thought about them. It was as though I were wearing natural teeth. I have been glad of your service and will not be shy of advising others to use you."

    WM, Dunning, Perthshire

  • "The treatment room was of hospital theatre standards. This is of the upmost importance in the case of cross infection. My immune system is very low after my cancer, so cannot point out enough the importance of hospital standards."

    JM, Airdrie

  • "I was so impressed with the quality of service provided that I recommended your clinic to my daughter who, as you will be aware, has had the benefit of a consultation and was similarly impressed with the integrity and honesty of advice given. It is greatly reassuring to know that such centres of excellence as yours exist and I will have no hesitation in recommending your facility."

    RC, Kirkcaldy

  • "I want to thank both Adela and Marilou for the excellent care of over the past two years, which concluded with the beautiful implant bridge, which was perfect from the moment of fitting.  "Simply the best" are words which spring to mind to describe the whole team at Blackhills.  

    I would certainly highly recommend Blackhills for its clinical excellence and I was very impressed with the diagnostic imaging available."

    GM, Aberdeen

  • "Please may I take this opportunity to thank the wonderful people at Blackhills Clinic for the specialist dental care I received when having two implants inserted into my jaw to secure a precarious bottom denture.

    Unfortunately I lost nearly all of my teeth when I was a teenager which was pretty traumatic.  I managed reasonably well with a full top denture and a partial lower until three years ago, when I lost my remaining bottom teeth and had to have a full bottom denture.  This proved to be a complete nightmare because it was extremely unstable and I become extremely depressed and lost an awful amount of confidence. My dentist in Perth tried to improve my bottom denture on numerous occasions, but finally had to admit defeat and suggested that I needed specialist dental expertise that he could not provide. That's my dental background and why I was referred to Blackhills.

    I started having impressions for my new dentures with a wonderful lady called Adela Laverick whose diligence and attention to detail is incredible.  Adela just kept on improving things for me - and although I had a few problems, she sorted things out with understanding and complete professionalism. Adela is certainly a star and the appearance of my new dentures is fabulous and has been commented upon by close family and friends.

    I then met Marilou Ciantar the Oral Surgeon who inserted two implants into my bottom jaw that would be used to secure my new bottom denture.  I was extremely nervous before the procedure, as the fear of the unknown is always frightening.  Honestly the worry beforehand was a lot worse than having the actual implants inserted. Marilou is a fantastic surgeon who thinks only of how she can help her patients through the ordeal with the minimum discomfort.  After the two implants were inserted, I didn't have any pain, swelling or discomfort.  I could not believe how brilliant Marilou is.

    I have now finished my treatment and looking back I was incredibly fortunate to have been referred to Blackhills and cannot thank Adela and Marilou enough for everything they have done for me.  I have to admit that I found the expense a little daunting as I am a pensioner but luckily I have an understanding husband.  I now have a secure mega watt smile (bottom denture firmly fixed with two implants) - the bad news for Blackhills is that I will be staying with them forever!!! "

    GD, Bridge Of Earn, Perth

  • "Marilou and Adela are both highly skilled and make a good team, taking pride in their work.

    Wendy's cheery smile and helpfulness have been omnipresent at each of my many appointments."

    MS MBE, Falkirk

  • "I have been most impressed by your integrity and honesty and the way in which you have continually kept me informed and involved in the planning of my treatment.  I also like the fact that your clinical procedures are research based and that you have adopted a patient focussed philosophy in your practice.  I believe these have contributed significantly to the high standards of clinical care that I have experienced.

    I would advise anyone thinking about having implants to consult with the hygienist, as I found it very useful.  The advice on cleaning equipment/products and daily cleaning regime have proved invaluable in ensuring the success and benefit of my implant surgery but have also made a positive contribution to my overall dental hygiene/health."

    JF, Dundee

  • "I approached the 'implant' experience with some trepidation, not having had an extraction for almost 30 years.  I need not have worried.  The very first time I met with Dr Stone and Dr Laverick, i knew I was in safe hands and that I would receive the best of care.

    From the reception staff to the clinical specialists, everyone is patient, kind, understanding, and more importantly, they are all technical experts.

    I would have no doubt at all about recommending Blackhills Clinic to anyone, and am so glad that my own dentist persuaded me to go."

    EP, Aberdeen

  • My experience of treatment at Blackhills has been extremely positive and I have no hesitation in recommending the clinic to others.

    All of the expert staff I encountered explained exactly what was about to happen and provided written information explaining the treatment plan and associated costs.

    This is not an inexpensive option, but a decision to undergo implant treatment must be considered as a long term benefit, in that your teeth are very precious and any pain or indeed, missing teeth has a direct implant on your quality of life.

    HR, Perth

  • "Thank you for all the excellent implant work you carried out for me. I now have two lovely front teeth again! "

    MP, Dundee

  • 'I am entirely grateful for all the wonderful support and delighted to have met such kind and caring professionals.'

    CF, Aberlour

  • 'Firstly, I would like to express my thanks for another first class and very professional consultation and treatment. You have lovely clinical facilities, and your warm, friendly and supportive staff really do contribute to a great team.'

    GMcK, Aberdeen

  • " 'What I find oustanding about Blackhills is not only the calibre of the individual dental specialists, but the fact that they are a team and work as a team, bringing bespoke solutions to each patient's particular problems.  Furthermore, they are friendly, reassuring, helpful and not at all pushy.  They quite genuinely make you feel at each by pointing out the various alternatives.  This is not a 'one stop, one option' dental practice.

    These are the top dental practitioners I have ever encountered and I would not hesitate to recommend anyone who requires specialist dental treatment.' "


  • Congratulations to you and everyone at Blackhills who has been involved in resolving Anne's oral problems over the years. It is great to have such a satisfied patient considering all the complexities of her case.

    Dentist ML, Aberdeen

  • I had complete confidence in the staff at Blackhills Clinic at all times

    MD, Perth

  • I am delighted with the result and after years of embarrassment and pain, I can now eat, talk and smile without fear!

    PW, Dunfermline

  • " 'I was impressed by how up to date your equipment and methods were. The sheer professionalism of your very modern procedures gave me a sense of confidence.' "

    BL, Stirling

  • " 'I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending dental implants. I hadn't appreciated how much my confidence had been affected by the loss of my teeth and now I'm aware that I smile and laugh more openly and don't hide when a family photo is called for!' "

    AF, Stonehaven

  • " 'The new tooth is absolutely great. I am sitting munching through an apple without thinking twice. Many thanks.' "

    DR, Oxford

  • I am at a loss as to how you could further improve your service for patients, as I found all aspects of my dealings with yourselves excellent.

    TH, Dunfermline

  • Many thanks to all the staff and Specialists who worked and collaborated with each other to benefit me and give me the confidence to follow through with the very professional and excellent treatment.

    CG, Bridge Of Allan

  • The quality of clinical care was excellent, as was the customer care. The difference having these two dental implants is amazing, I would not know that they were not my own teeth!

    JW, Pitlochry

  • Treatment did involve several trips to Aberuthven, but I consider it time well spent and a good financial investment.

    SK, Carnoustie

  • "The costs may be high but the value of good health and personal confidence is well worth the price of a decent holiday."

    BS, Perth

  • Both my dentist and a friend (who is an oral surgeon) recommended Blackhills Clinic.

    PE, Dunfermline

  • Just to say 'thank you' for such a pleasant, pain-free experience.


  • I am delighted with the results of your and Adela's treatment. Thank you very much for all your assistance. I finally feel confident smiling again.


  • Hi, just wanted to send you all a big smile and thank you for my wonderful new teeth. I have been impressed with my treatment and delighted with the results. So thank you Paul, Adela, and the Dental Nurses - and the extremely friendly and helpful reception staff ... I will miss my visits.


  • I can assure you that I felt no pain or anxiety whatsoever and am extremely impressed with your clinical skill and interpersonal manner. The ambience of your team is superb and gives the patient a great sense of Blackhills being a great place to work.


  • I just wanted to write and say thank you for all the dental work you have performed on me over the last 6 months. I really appreciate your professionalism and high standards of care.


  • Thank you for all your help and my lovely new smile.

    CD, Fife '

  • Just to say 'thank you' for the treatment I received at your clinic. I am absolutely delighted with the results and I have been treated, at all times, with the utmost professionalism and with friendly pleasant personalities.