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  • July 02, 2007

    Blackhills Installs 3D Cone Beam CT Scanner

    The arrival of the latest generation of CT scanners (the first in the country) has brought about a fundamental shift in the diagnosis and treatment planning for all patients. Scans are obtained in the clinic and reconstructed in three-dimensions in just a few seconds. The radiation dose is the lowest of any equivalent scanner (approximately just one conventional OPG radiograph), but the quality and quantity of information obtained provides extraordinary detail. Patient monitor screens in all surgeries allow the visualisation and discussion of the images, together with ‘virtual surgery’ for implant placement.

    The Sirona Galileos CT Scanner ( has been a major capital expenditure for the clinic, but all who use it are impressed by the contribution it makes to dental care. Dental practitioners from other practices are now sending patients to Blackhills for CT scans to assist with complex treatment planning. No additional software is required for this, as the 3D images include the necessary ‘viewer’ and are copied to a disk for immediate use by the referring clinician. Blackhills can also advise on the use of a specialist imaging company, where a Radiologist will report on the scan data obtained and assist where reconstruction and templates are required.

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