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  • March 20, 2012

    Periodonatal Regeneration Meeting Called

    Evening Meeting - Tuesday 20 March 2012 - Blackhills Clinic


    Periodontitis results in destruction of the periodontal attachment leading to periodontal pockets which can be very deep. Non-surgical periodontal treatment will help resolve many of these lesions, but in some cases this on its own is insufficient. Periodontal tissue loss can also manifest as gingival recession, either as a consequence of periodontitis or due to toothbrush abrasion. If this occurs in the ‘aesthetic zone', the longer clinical crowns can be quite unsightly for the patient. Advances in periodontal regeneration have now made it possible to predictably regenerate lost periodontal tissues, helping to eliminate residual pockets and gingival recession.


    Every practice has patients who would benefit from periodontal regenerative treatment and the opportunity to see how you can integrate this into your daily clinical management should not be missed. The presentation will be given by our Specialist Periodontist, Dr Marilou Ciantar at Blackhills Clinic.



    The aim of the evening talk is to outline the indications for periodontal regeneration and discuss the mode of action of using regenerative materials such as Emdogain®. 2 hours verifiable CPD.



    If we have sufficient numbers interested we will arrange another date - please email Trudie Imrie to confirm that you would like to be informed if a further date is arranged (

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