Gum Veneers

Gum Veneers can be used to mask spaces between teeth and recession of gums.

Gum Veneers

When gum disease is present, gums are puffy and red.  Once treatment is underway and the disease resolves, the gums become less puffy causing spaces between the teeth as well as recession of the gums at the tooth neck.

Many people are fortunate enough not to show this recession when smiling, however for some people with higher smile lines this will be visible.  Where this is a concern, we can provide an acrylic covering (veneer) which fits above the teeth, over the gums to mask the spaces and recession.


  • Initial impressions (moulds) which are sent to the laboratory for a customised tray to be made that accurately fits you
  • Second impressions with a more rigid material in the tray provided by the laboratory. The shade (colour) of gum is selected at this stage
  • Try in of gum veneer - this requires careful assessment of the fit around the teeth and the appearance. If everything is ok, the veneer can be fitted at this appointment.  If not, it is sent back to the laboratory for changes and another appointment is required for the final fit of the veneer - this stage can take several appointments